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4th Grade State Research Project


So a few years ago I placed a link to the 4th Grade State Research Project I created on Pinterest.

I wrote, "The 4th Grade State Research project that aligns with MA Tech Literacy Standards and 4th Grade MA Common Core W.3.07 and W.3.08. Workbook download pdf free for your classroom use!"

It was linked to a site I made when I worked in West Boylston and I get notifications every day that its been re-pinned and its up to over 1200 pins! I have redirected the download link here so I can permanently house the project.

Here is everything I blogged about it in 2013.

Updated: April 25th
Here is a picture of the Southeast State Brochures created after using the same research process. We are now working on travel commercials for the Midwest.

4th Graders are in their last week of research for their Northeast State. In pairs, they use print and online resources to research information about their state. They are using teacher selected websites for almost component and are learning what a bibliography is and how to give credit. Next week they will be learning about searching for royalty free images on google and after vacation they will take all of their research and create an infographic in Pixie like the example below.  I have attached the workbook that I created in conjunction with Mrs. Ivins to guide them in their research. This project covers many MA Tech/Literacy Standards as well as 4th Grade ELA Common Core.

Common Core English Language Arts Standards
·         ELA.4.W.3.07 - Conduct short research projects that build knowledge through investigation of different aspects of a topic.
·         ELA.4.W.3.08 - Recall relevant information from experiences or gather relevant information from print and digital sources; take notes and categorize information, and provide a list of sources.

Massachusetts Technology Literacy Standards
·         3-5: 1.6 – Copy and paste text and images within a document, as well as from one document to another
·         3-5: 1.7 – Proofread and edit writing using appropriate resources (e.g., dictionary, spell-checker, grammar resources).
·         3-5: 1.14 – Explain and use age-appropriate online tools and resources (e.g., tutorial, assessment, web browser).
·         3-5: 1.18 - Use age-appropriate Internet-based search engines to locate and extract information, selecting appropriate key words.
·         3-5: 1.21 - Copy and paste or import graphics; change their size and position on a slide.
·         3-5: 1.22 - Use painting and drawing applications to create and edit work.
·         3-5: 3.1 - Locate, download, and organize content from digital media collections for specific purposes, citing sources.
·         3-5: 3.8 - Create projects that use text and various forms of graphics, audio, and video (with proper citations) to communicate ideas.
·         3-5: 3.9 – Use teacher-developed guidelines to evaluate multimedia presentations for organization, content, design, presentation, and appropriate use of citations

Saturday, July 18, 2015

For Immediate Release: Special Education Students use Social Media to try to grab attention of Taylor Swift

July 18, 2015

Contact: Cathy Cummins, Executive Director Assabet Valley Collaborative 774-285-6771

Communicating in their own Ways - The Power of Music
Inspiring Students create Viral Video on Facebook
hoping to meet Taylor Swift

Marlborough, MA - A captivating and inspirational group of students at the Assabet Valley Collaborative’s Evolution Program (Marlborough & Shrewsbury, MA) have created a video that has gone viral on Facebook. The students are hoping that Taylor Swift will make a quick visit to their school while she is in the Boston area performing next weekend.

The video was created as part of the school’s lessons on daily living skills - which students learn at Evolution, along with learning about work, personal finance, healthy choices, and other skills needed for independence.  Students worked with their staff members to create this video that showcases their voices in remarkable ways.  

“Music and Technology help many of our students share their voices in ways that would have been impossible just 20 years ago,” said Karen Laskey, Director of Satellite Programs.  “This project speaks to the power of team members collaborating across disciplines to motivate students to learn and express themselves as they become as independent as possible.”

Occupational Therapist Erica Lunn said, “To try to make it fun for them, we picked their favorite song (voted on of course) and they worked with staff to re-write the lyrics of Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it Off’ to make ‘Clean it Up.’ They worked all year on this and made it all come together.”

Executive Director, Cathy Cummins, said “We have awesome students who amaze and inspire our talented staff members every day;  in this video, music helps them shine for the world to see what they CAN do and the joy they can bring all of us.  How could anyone resist this invitation for a visit?.”
Evolution is an Assabet Valley Collaborative program that serves students with disabilities who have completed 12th grade whose schools have identified a need for a post-graduate vocational/transitional program up to age 22. Services provided at Evolution include vocational assessment, job development, functional academics, community-based job experiences, social/emotional support, activities of daily living, and independent living skills development. Evolution promotes self-awareness and self-advocacy and students are actively engaged in designing their future path toward maximized independence.

Sarah Kyriazis
Technology Integration Coordinator
authorized Google Education Trainer

Assabet Valley Collaborative
57 Orchard Street, Marlborough, MA 01752 

Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School
215 Fitchburg Street, Marlborough, MA 01752

PLEASE PLEASE SHARE!!!!!! AND COMMENT! These are my AMAZING students who I worked with all year on doing activities of daily living. To try to make it fun for them we picked their favorite song (voted on of course) and they along with the help of staff re-wrote the lyrics of Taylor Swifts "Shake it Off" to make it our version called "Clean it Up". They worked all year on this and made it all come together. Our Music Therapist is on the guitar! Staff, Teachers, and Therapists helped this all come together! I work with amazing people! The students would love if Taylor Swift came to visit when she is in the area for #Gillette. #taylorswift we love you! #AVCEvolution #inspiring #viral Brianne Miers Laura Borges Melissa Cooper Ayantola Alaina Moorefield #teamtagyourself! Sarah Roberts Kyriazis Taylor Swift FOX25
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Upcoming Technology Professional Development

Upcoming Professional Development Events

Monday, April 6, 2015

Assabet's Mobile App

Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School has launched our mobile app! So far we have over 400 downloads in just over a week.

Search "Assabet" in the Google Play or Apple Store

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Presentations without PowerPoint

Oldie, but goodie, re-posting from last year and using again today in Mrs. Brook's class.

Sick of PowerPoint? Want to try something new and online? Here are some other tools that can be engaging and interactive for projects, lessons, presentations and more!

These are presentations to use as an example for a Budgeting Math Project. Students were challenged with doing research to see how much it cost to live on a budget. Mrs. Brook's webquest and rubric can be found here. She provided me with some research from a previous student so the numbers might be a bit low.

LOVE this if you are doing infographic style presentations or need to do some quick and easy charts!
Very easy to use!

Powered by emaze

Love this as a stand alone to make graphics or to use with other tools as seen below. Graphs were done in PowerPoint and saved as images.

Canva + ThingLink
I took the Canva image and put it into ThingLink. ThingLink allows you to link anything!
I didn't want a lot of text in my image so the text hotspots ThingLink offers are great for this interactive poster. Now that I discovered ThingLink I almost don't miss Glogster (went subscription) as much.

Canva + Prezi
Again, I took the Canva image and imported into Prezi and added in the rest of the text.
You could also do something similar to this in Prezi without a base graphic.

Other things to try out!
I didn't have a chance to try all of these, they are for a later blog post. But I thought I'd share them with you just in case you were feeling ambitious. I have used GoAnimate and Pow-Toon before, but not recently. I definitely want to try out the GoAnimate Common Craft Videos, but there is a subscription. Maybe one day!
Piktochart & Great for infographics or making a graphic to use in Prezi or Thinglink.

Haiku Deck
Sparkol VideoScribe

Upcoming Technology Professional Development

Some great upcoming PD

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Presenting at VISL ISTE Webinar


Check out this video our students created as an introduction to our presentation