Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Google Docs

There are countless free resources Google offers. One of the is Google Docs. As an educator and as a business owner I use Google Docs every day because everything is stored online for me. I can create a free google account and create a document or spreadsheet online. It is saved and can be accessed anywhere in the world. I can also ‘share’ it with others so they can either read it or contribute to it.

Watch this video “Google Docs in Plain English

Watch this “Jing” from a collegue of mine, Mary Marotta, the Instructional Technologist at Nashoba High School about how you can use Google Docs in the classroom

Activity: Create a Google account

Activity: Create a document in google.

STEP 5Reflect: Comment on how you would use this for your productivity or to use in the classroom.


  1. Google docs is a great free tool where the students can collaborate on projects and you can check the revision history to see who did what. The only problem that I ran into was that I tried having all of my classes open up gmail accounts in the computer lab. Google tracks the ip address and it looks like dozens of accounts are being opened for spamming. It shuts gmail off at this address after a few have been opened. I tried having the students open gmail on their own but the usual excuses of "I already have a yahoo or aol account, why can't I just use that??" comes into play...

  2. Yes Justin, that can be frustrating. I wonder if you could have them open up a gmail account at home and then come in and use googledocs in the lab?