Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Google Maps Tutorial

One of the VHS teachers asked me to do a tutorial on how to set up a custom map in Google Maps. She wants to put a marker for all of her students’ high schools with links to their websites in her custom map. We discussed the other possibilities of making a custom google map. In Social Studies it could be used to mark different battle grounds, in Science it could be used to mark tornadoes in a season, the possibilities are endless.

My Maps can be customized with place markers, videos, images, html, text, and more.
So, I created this map of the places I have been. You can make maps public or private (I made mine public).

View Countries I visited in a larger map

STEP 1 Create a google account if you don’t have one (

STEP 2 Do a search for “MY MAPS” or click here:

STEP 3 Create a map. Post the link below, or if you have a blog, post it in your blog.
* To embed in your blog, click on "link" and then "paste HTML to embed in website".

EXTENSION Create a map to integrate into one of your lessons.

If you would like help with using this in your classroom and need assistance...
Contact me sarahkyriazis @ wbschools

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