Monday, October 25, 2010

Presentations with Prezi is a great tool for teachers or students to use for making presentations. It hails from Europe (Budapest, Hungary) and it just launched last year, in my opinion is one of the most engaging presentation tools out there.

Instead of that same old boring powerpoint, prezi allows you to create extremely creative presentations. You start off with a white screen and can add images, video, sounds and more to your presentation. Your presentation can go foward and backward like slides, but it can branch off as well. You can zoom in and out (but prezi cautions about this because it can make your students sea sick and after reviewing this for the last 30 minutes, I am honestly feeling a little nauseaus, but they have tutorials on how to avoid this)

This is a great (10 minute) video created by a college jazz professor that speaks about his experience using prezi. It is worth the time to look at.

Here is an example below of a very basic 'prezitation' that an 8th grade science teacher created as an example for his students with the project requirements. Simple, to the point but how engaging! I bet every single one of his students knew exactly what was expected of them.

To view this prezitation, just click on the arrow and keep clicking to take you through it. Way more fun than powerpoint!

and here is an example of what one of the students turned in. I would have liked to see video or music etc.. but I think it is a good start and did exactly what the teacher asked.

If you want to try this, sign up for the edu version which is free for students and teachers and gives you more than the public version. And contact me and I can help! sarahkyriazis @ wbschools .com

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