Wednesday, October 20, 2010

RSS & Google Reader

RSS feeds are something you can subscribe to like news, blog posts etc… that will come to you in your reader. Google Reader is an aggregate for reading RSS feeds. They work together.

Objective: To learn about Google Reader

Watch Video: RSS in Plain English:

STEP 2Assignment: Watch Google Reader in Plain English

STEP 3Assignment: Set up a google reader account. Follow google’s directions.

Assignment : Using your new google reader account
  • subscribe to a blog that is in your academic subject area
  • subscribe to a newspaper, journal or blog that is a hobby of your
  • LOOK for the RSS orange icon
Objective: To learn how to subscribe to RSS feeds and gain information that is useful professionally, educationally and personally.

Comment on your experience with this. Share how you can use this in an academic atmosphere or for professional development.

Tina Avery's comments from 2009

Hi –
I had a lot of fun with this one. I subscribed to the Boston Globe, Edutopia and Will Richardson’s blog. If you haven’t heard of him (I know you have Sarah.) he is a blogger extraordinaire. ( I clicked on a blog entry titled “The Added Value of Networking” on 3/4/09 that caught my eye because it mentioned “Passion in Learning”. What a concept! How many of us still have that as teachers? How many of our students experience it?
Within the blog was a link to an article from Harvard Graduate School of Education’s magazine titled “Thanks for the Add. Now Help Me with My Homework”. ( It dealt with Social Networking in education. What a great read. Among other things one of the researchers found that by using Facebook the students developed technical skills, creativity, an appreciation for diversity and communication skills. Hooray for digital citizenship!
Subscribing to these feeds is a boon for my PD. I just have to pay attention to the time!
If a student were researching a particular topic they could set up feeds from journals that deal with the topic. In that way they could receive timely information on their subject of choice.

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