Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Kerpoof Scholastics, is an online multimedia software in which students can create original artwork, animated movies, stories and more. Geared toward elementary and middle school aged children, Kerpoof offers teacher accounts so you can manage your class. Its free and the students don't need an email address to log in.

Kerpoof has some great lessons and is aligned with some states' frameworks (not MA yet, but it is aligned with ISTE)

The lessons included are as follows (or make your own)

Master Artist Series
  • Impressionist Art (grades 4-8) (PDF)
  • M.C. Escher's Relativity (grades 4-8)
  • Pablo Picasso and Cubism (grades 3-6)
    • Lesson Plan (PDF)
    • Worksheet (PDF)
  • Surrealist Art of Salvador Dali and Friends (grades 4-6) (PDF)
  • The Color Wheel (grades 4-8) (PDF)

Math and Science

  • The Planets (grades 3-6) (PDF)
  • Programming Wizards (grades 5-8)
  • Movie Math Madness (grades 3-5) (PDF)
  • Life Cycle of a Butterfly (PDF)
  • Nocturnal vs. Diurnal Animals (grades 4-6) (PDF)
  • Celebrate the Seasons (pre-K - grade 2)
    • Lesson Plan (PDF)
    • Color the Seasons (PDF)
    • Write about the Seasons (PDF)

Language Arts

  • Visual Thesaurus (grades 4-6) (PDF)
  • Fairy Tale Reporter (grades 3-5) (PDF)
  • French Fairy Tales (grades 5 and up)
    • Lesson Plan (PDF)
    • Le Petit Chaperon Rouge Packet (PDF)
    • Le Petit Chaperon Rouge Vocabulary (PDF)
    • Les Fees Packet (PDF)
    • Les Fees Vocabulary (PDF)
  • Henohenomoheji (grades 3-6) (PDF)
  • Exploring the Polar Regions (grades 6-8) (PDF)
  • Metaphors in Fairy Tales (grades 7-9)
  • Fairy Tales with a Twist (grades 3-6) (PDF)
  • Haiku for You (grades 4-6) (PDF)
  • Writing a Persuasive Advertisement (grades 3-5) (PDF)
  • Celebrate Sport (grades 2-8)
    • Lesson Plan (PDF)
    • Activity Scripts (PDF)
    • Worksheets (PDF)
    • Vocabulary (PDF)
  • Making New Year's Resolutions (grades 4-8)
    • Lesson Plan (PDF)
    • Worksheet (PDF)
  • Spanish Fairy Tales (grades 5 and up)
    This lesson plan guides beginning Spanish-speakers in the retelling of Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs using Kerpoof's Make a Movie. Present and past tense verb worksheets are also provided.
    • Lesson Plan (PDF)
    • Vocabulary (PDF)
    • Links to Fairy Tales in Spanish (PDF)
    • Assignment Worksheet (PDF)
    • Present Tense Verb Worksheet - The Three Pigs (PDF)
    • Past Tense Verb Worksheet - The Three Pigs (PDF)
    • Present Tense Verb Worksheet - Red Riding Hood (PDF)
    • Past Tense Verb Worksheet - Red Riding Hood (PDF)
    • Worksheet Answer Key (PDF)

Social Studies

  • Thanksgiving (grades 2-4, 5-8)
    • Grades 2-4 (PDF)
    • Grades 5-8 (PDF)

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