Monday, December 20, 2010

Interactive Holiday Websites Dec 24-Dec 26

A Couple of fun websites for this weekend's holidays Christmas and Kwanzaa

Christmas December 25
Send a Call from Santa
This is actually pretty good, you can specify what you want Santa to say from google voice, preview it and have the message go to email, facebook, twitter or to a phone. Its pretty funny. Worth looking into. No login required.

The Gingerbread Man with Everything...
Looking for something holiday-ish, free and fun to do with your students, have them create a gingerbread person. Sponsored by SPRINT so we can look at their ad while we do it, this is a cute website. No flour, sugar, frosting or candy needed for these cookies, just click and drag. I would recommend it for all ages. No login required.

Norad Santa
Track Santa, begins Dec 24th. Visit the North Pole to play some fun games. Download google earth to track Santa around the world.

Elf Yourself
Upload a picture of yourself and you become an elf, upload up to 5 photos.

Kwanzaa December 26

Kwanzaa Paper Dolls
Print, color and make your own Kwaanza paper dolls.

Kwanzaa Jigsaw Puzzles
These are really fun. Put together a Kwanzaa jigsaw puzzle online.

Coloring Pages and Activities

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