Thursday, February 17, 2011

Music Videos for Science

Here is a list of music videos for science! This channel is by Tom McFadden he creates music videos for science

And here are is a list from Wired of their top 10 scientific music videos:

Wired Top 10:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

History for Music Lovers

Ok, since I love history and I love music, I am obsessed with this youtube channel. It has inspired me to have my 6 grade computer class create their own lyrics to popular songs (but about online safety). I showed them some of these to get them inspired and they kept wanting to see more and more. These history teachers took popular music and created music videos to explain different historical concepts and events. Genius! And don't forget one of my earlier posts about Math Raps...

How can this youtube channel be used in the classroom? To introduce a lesson, to reinforce a concept. As inspiration for a project.

Note: Could be useful for English as well.

I just found this channel too, Horrible Histories from the BBC. There are a few good videos in here. I particularly like this Wife Swap episode below...

Pixton in the Classroom - Follow Up

Mike Carter's HS class used Pixton to create Boss Tweed Cartoons. I wanted to share one with you as a follow up. I was in the lab when the students created these and they were highly engaged. Mr. Carter said that the students did very well on their Boss Tweed essays and he thinks it may be due to the time they spent researching their cartoons.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Virtual Museums

A teacher came to me with an idea, she wanted to take student work and put it into a virtual museum, but didn't know the best tool. The students replicated sculptures of ancient Egyptian artifacts and wrote about them. The virtual museum would showcase these. I did some research and this is what I came up with.

Make Your Own Virtual Museum
  • Museum Box, Using Museum Box, students can have their own accounts and add in their images and reports, their 'virtual museum' turns like a cube. They can also add audio, video, links and more. (I have requested a free school account)
  • PowerPoint, use premade templates in PowerPoint (which you all have on your computer) to create a virtual museum of artifacts, add images, links and text. Tutorials and templates can be found here,
  • Photo! 3D Album, This is a software, but it is a free download. Very easy to use, simple download, then select the template you want to use and insert your images. Then you can upload to their website or save as an executable file to share with others. The drawback is that you can only add images, no text videos etc... the benefits are that it becomes a virtual 3D tour.
  • Web Page, sign up for a free website and give each student a page. Place all of the images on the homepage and link to each individual page. Some suggestions for free web pages are: Wix, Weebly 
  • Wiki, wikispaces, create a teacher account and give each student a login. Each student can contribute to one wiki. (example:
  • Blog,, kidblog,  Create a blog entry for each student's art and report. Either the teacher can create an account or each student can create an account and contribute to one blog.
I will be posting the virtual museum we create with the class when it is finished. If you are interested in doing this with your students, please contact me. It can be done at any grade starting with pre-school.

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