Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Assigning a Video Project

Since I have been sharing so many videos made by teachers, I thought I would show you some student examples. Creating video projects for school is not a new concept. My high school English teacher allowed us to submit a video project in 1993 (18 years ago-yikes). A group of us dressed up and acted out a few scenes from Great Expectations and submitted it on a VHS tape I remember how much fun we had and I will never forget that book. Technology has come a long way and most students who own a cell phone have a video camera on it. They are comfortable using video.

Allowing your students to submit a video project might open up a new level of interest in the subject for them. They become active participants in their own learning. To create a video a great amount of research, planning and scripting needs to be done. Students do the research, write the script and then act it out or sing it. I guarantee if they make a video for a particular subject, they will NEVER forget it.

Consider allowing your students to submit a video instead of a paper. Have them submit their bibliography and script so you can see the work that they put into it.

Create expectations and a rubric here are some samples

Colleges and Universities are encouraging professors to have their students create multimedia presentations and videos for projects.

WPI has a webpage for different types of video projects.

Dartmouth has a great website that can be used as a resource for assigning guidelines

Here are a few sample student videos…

Science Project, High School students

This is called a lip dub. A lot of high schools and colleges are doing this to promote unity or market the school. Here is one from Sharon, MA

This video is long, but it is a good representation of what students can do for a math video. There must have been so much planning and writing in this before they created it.

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