Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Guest blogger - Tina Avery

This past Monday I was in charge of sharing the Best Practice in our Department meeting.  I decided to introduce my fellow department members to a product called Popplet - sort of a combo of collaborative mind map and sticky notes.  I learned about popplet from a blog I follow called Free Technology for Teachers by Richard Byrne. (Richard is a Google certified teacher; his blog has won numerous awards and is read daily by over 30,000 people).  Actually, truth be told, I follow Richard on Twitter @rmbyrne as he frequently tweets about very useful and educational material, such as – you guessed it - popplet.  What?  You aren’t using twitter for educational purposes?  For a personal learning network?  I can see I have another TechShop to create for you.  No one wants to read tweets about what movie anyone is seeing or about a vacation.  Twitter has far better uses.  But I digress.  Popplet is our topic.
 So I read Richard’s tweet about reviewing popplet and I was very intrigued.  I decided to give it a try.  And now I am hooked!!  I am having a lot of fun with this tool and can see a variety of applications in a school setting.  Here is one I have started on.

and the link:

My popplet (be very careful when typing this that you don't add an extra o) depicts our next High School trip abroad to Austria, Germany and Switzerland.  Under each country are the cities and some of the sites we will visit.  I plan to add the students going on the trip as collaborators to the site.  Before each trip the students pick one or two cities and places on which to do a brief presentation to the rest of us (plus their parents).  I am thinking that I will ask them to include all of that information here in the popplet along with illustrations.  When we return from the trip, they can add in some actual photos from the places we visited.  Then the whole affair can be added to the school's website.
I shared popplet a couple of weeks ago with the librarian at Wachusett RHS.  She used it to make her library newsletter.  She even embedded a video about popplet and it turned out great.  I also like the idea of using popplet to create a gallery rather than actually connecting anything in particular.  It’s very versatile!

I found Popplet fairly straightforward to use and I am looking forward to exploring it more!  Give it a try!

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  1. Thanks Tina. If anyone is interested in using this with their students, contact me or Tina!