Monday, May 9, 2011

Using Video in the Foreign Language Classroom

Guest Blogger: Mrs. Marie Caruso, MHS Foreign Language

I asked Mrs. Caruso to write up a little summary of how the Foreign Language Department has been using the Flip Video Camera in their classes this year. This is what she had to say...

"One way the Foreign Language Department is motivating students to speak French and Spanish this year is by using Flip Cameras in our classes. They are incredibly easy to use and the quality is HD! If you have not seen a Flip Camera, it is a video camera with a built in microphone that is maybe twice the size of an ipod and charges off of your computer. The picture and sound quality are excellent. Once you take a video, you can show it to the class right away on your computer or through a projector. We are using the Flip Cam to record individual speakers talking in French or Spanish about a variety of topics that we are covering in our classes, as well as group videos for dialogues, class projects, skits, etc. Because it is still a somewhat new piece of technology, the kids love it at all levels and because it is so simple to use (similar to ipods), the kids can record themselves and each other, which frees up the teacher to focus on what is being recorded. We can give instant feedback on pronunciation or grammatical errors when we watch the video with the students. We can easily delete any videos that we don't want to keep and reshoot any that we want the students to improve on.

Sarah is working with our department to show us how to set up folders for each grade level so that we can save the videos on our P drives. We envision that we will be able to keep video portfolios for all of our students and add to them each year that they study foreign language, showing growth and fluency over time. We were awarded a West Best grant to purchase a Flip Camera for the department. Thank you West Best!

I first heard about Flip Cam's from a 3rd grade teacher in a school system where they use them for young readers who have no one to read to outside of class. Students use the Flip Cam's to video each other reading as a motivational tool. The uses are endless, and Sarah can help you save and access your class videos."

Thanks Mrs. Caruso.

Just a note: You don't have to use a flip video, many high school students have video cameras on their phones or have video cameras they can use from home.

If you would like to see how you can use video in your classroom, please contact me at sarahkyriazis @ wbschools .com

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