Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Infographics as Assessment

I have done a bunch of posts about  infographics. In 4th grade students at Major Edwards are assigned a research project that they need to create an infographic as the finished product. An infographic is more than just an online poster. It is a visual representation of information displayed graphically. More and more businesses, non profits and agencies are using infographics for marketing and disseminating information.

I like these infographics about infographics.

The beauty of these is that they can be a really simple project for the younger students or something very complicated for high school students.

Example of a 4th Grade Infographic made with Pixie3

Here are some resources

Student Examples
Fun Infographic

There are many new web 2.0 tools out there to create infographics, here are a few.
  • – themes and you can add text and images.
  • – similar to, but has more tools for creating graphs.
  • – the create tool is is not very robust on this one, but it has huge amounts of infographics from all topics.
  • Piktochart

You can also use professional tools like Photoshop, Illustrator or inDesign or basic software like Publisher or Word. The students at Edwards use Pixie3 to create theirs.

Kathy Shrock has an entire web page dedicated to Infographics as an Assessment with videos, tutorials, examples and more.

As always, if you are interested in trying this in your classroom, contact me to help!

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