Monday, April 1, 2013

Alternative Assessment Choices in Algebra 2 Honors

Giving students choices for assessments often results in work that goes above and beyond our expectations. Ms. DeRosa gave her Algebra 2 Honors students a choice to show how they understand Linear Functions from Algebra 1. She was thrilled with the work the students passed in, they went above and beyond her expectations.

The Assignment

Linear Function Project

Honors Algebra 2 and Advanced Algebra and Trig

In this project, you must demonstrate to me that you know the following topics:

1. Graphing linear equations on a coordinate plane

  • Given Slope-Intercept form
  • Given standard form
  • By finding x and y-intercepts

2. Graphing linear inequalities on a coordinate plane
3. Graphing piecewise functions
4. Graphing absolute value functions on a coordinate plane
5. Finding Linear equations:

  • given a slope and a y-intercept
  • given a slope and a point
  • given two points
  • given a point and a parallel line
  • given slope and a perpendicular line

6. Solving systems of equations by graphing
7. Solving systems of inequalities by graphing
8. Solving systems of equations by substitution
9. Solving systems of equations by elimination
10. Writing linear equations into Standard Form

You can demonstrate your knowledge in whatever way you prefer.

You can write a term type paper, and give examples to support your writing.
You can use an app such as “ShowMe”, or “explain everything” to demonstrate your knowledge.
You can make a YouTube Video explaining your knowledge
You can make a song to show your knowledge and support it with examples.
You can make a Power Point Presentation or a Prezi to demonstrate your knowledge.
You can make an illustrated children’s book on the topics
You can create an animated video on the topics at
You can make a poster.

You will be graded on how well you explain the topics, the thoroughness of your explanations, and
on your creativity. I will be looking for you to cover all of the topics listed above. If you would like to
get my feedback on your project, you can bring it to me after school on Tuesday, March 5 and I will be
happy to give my input.

This was Ms. DeRosa's Example for the students:

Some finished products!

Website:  Http://

Some students made scrapbooks, Power Point presentations, essays, posters; whatever they felt comfortable doing.

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