Thursday, April 25, 2013

Google Docs Journals

Google has so many great apps for education. Miss Utley, Middle School Special Education teacher explains how she uses Google Docs for journals, "Every day, the students in my 7th grade small-group language arts class begin by writing in their journal. I found it difficult to lug home notebooks every weekend to grade and comment on, and it was difficult to read some of their handwriting. Now, I use Google docs. I have a document called "Daily Announcements" that I have "shared" with each of them that includes the daily objective, the agenda, and the journal writing prompt. As soon as students come in the room, they log in, read the daily announcements, and write in their journal, which is "shared" with me on Google docs as well (it's one document that they add to each time they write). It is so much easier to grade them now! Plus, since I come from the other end of the hallway for that period, it means students can get started right away even if it takes me an extra minute to get there."

Here is an example.

I love that Miss Utley is using this piece of technology to streamline instruction that is already happening. I have found that the most successful ways to integrate technology is to take something that you already do and then apply some sort of technology that makes it easier, more efficient or that enhances it. 

If you have a lesson you would like to share, I would love to post it! 

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