Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Creating a Formative Assessment on Google Forms

Google Forms

Many school districts have launched or are rolling out Google Apps for Education. The tools that this suite offers are amazing, from docs to spreadsheets, video and sites, the possibilities are endless. This post is going to touch on one of the tools called Google Forms. A form can be created and when it is submitted it generates a spreadsheet that is instantaneous. This data can be displayed visually in a graph for instant feedback.

A formative assessment is a way to check for understanding. Teachers can use this information to modify their teaching or lesson.

You can use a form as a quick quiz, ticket out, to check for understanding or in place of a worksheet. This especially works well for students that BYOD.


 In the classroom

·   Ticket out/Check Out
·   Check for understanding
·   To Replace a worksheet
·   Student or Parent Survey/Poll
·   Student Reflections
·   Student Questions for the teacher
·   Quiz/Test
·   Homework
·   Pre-Test
·   Getting to Know You
·   End of Year Feedback

For Administration

·   Parent/Teacher/Student Surveys
·   Teacher Feedback
·   Collect Information
·   PD Feedback
·   Classroom Walkthroughs
·   Discipline Reporting

How to Create a Form

  1.  Navigate to Drive
  2. Click on Create>Form
  3.  Choose a Title and a Theme
  4. Choose Your School Settings

         *For a school setting it is recommended that you check off both check boxes in order to track who responses are from and to require a login to fill out the form.
    If you are doing an external survey to parents or community, leave these boxes unchecked. 
  5. Add a Form Description
  6. Create your Question Title and Help Text
  7.  Choose the Question Type
  8. Check the box if you want the question to be required
  9.  Continue adding Question items until you are finished.
  10.  Include what you want the Confirmation Page to say
  11.  Customize actions of this form. These will change based on what you are using the form for.-Show link to submit another response-Publish and show a link to the results of this form-Allow users to edit responses after submitting
  12.  Click Send Form and there are multiple options for sharing.

a.       Web Link
b.      Embed Code (with size customization)
c.       Google+
d.      Facebook
e.      Twitter
f.        Email

Example Form

Here are some great resources if you would like to further explore forms!

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