Thursday, May 2, 2013

Chromebooks in the Classroom

30 Chromebooks have found their way into a high school English teacher's room. When Google Apps for Education has been deployed, Chromebooks are easily introduced.

Read what Mrs. Montuori, HS English Teacher at West Boylston Middle/High School had to say.
"In AP Language and Composition, students read three different articles on the topic of TORTURE: is it a moral imperative? After reading all three articles, students chose one on which to focus. Students conducted an analysis on their chosen article, using the acronym SMELLO (Sender/receiver relationship, Message, Evidence, Language, Logic, and Organization). Next, students assembled in small groups with each article represented in the group.

Using the Chrome Books, students collaborated to come up with the following:

I. The author/article that relied the most heavily on ETHOS, on PATHOS, on LOGOS--prove choices
II. The BEST piece of evidence in each article--provide rationale
III. At least one LOGICAL FALLACY per article--prove it

With the Chrome Books, students could access their classmates' work, take notes, and record their group responses very easily. The groups will present their findings, using the document they collaborated on.

In Comp9, students are writing a series of essays (Writing for Different Purposes) and they need to follow the writing process. The essays with which we worked were their first try at DESCRIPTIVE writing. The Chrome Books allow students to share their first drafts with me and a peer editor. I can watch students peer-edit one another's essays; also, I can respond to their peer-editing comments. Students can ask each other questions, can ask me questions, and all of this work is completed online, in real-time. While our first run with the process was a little clunky, students were excited and eager to write the next essay (which is EXPOSITORY), just so they could use the editing and share capabilities the Chrome Books provide.

I am excited to have the opportunity to expand my repertoire!"

I peeked into her class today and took a few pictures and talked to the students. One student said to me, "I really like it because when I log in, I feel like its my own personal computer." 

Why does she feel this way? For those of you wondering who have never seen the Chrome Books, to be able to use them you need to enter in a google account and they are into their account. Docs, drive, gmail, everything is right there. 

Thanks Mrs. Montuori and students! I can't wait to see what else you come up with!

projecting student collaboration

(by the way, these photos were edited in about 30 seconds each on a Chrome App "BeFunky")

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