Monday, May 6, 2013

SmartBoard in Kindergarten

The Kindergarten in Mrs. Morse's class has been using a SmartBoard all year.
I asked Mrs. Morse to share with us how she has been using it:

"The Smart board has been such an asset to my classroom and my teaching this year. I use it  for my daily calendar, weather, and day-count activities. Students  take turns adding a weather picture to the monthly chart, showing the day of the week, and adding a cube, long, or flat to count the days we have been in school. 

I also use the Smart Board as a center.  Depending on what we are studying, I can shop on a special website that has pre-made activities for many skills, and at every grade level. For example, while learning about the life cycle of the apple tree  I was able to download a pre-made activity that allowed students to manipulate the life cycle stages, do math activities related to counting apple seeds, and also learn a little about Johnny Appleseed. In addition to the activities I can find on the SmartExchange website, we also play learning games from websites like
Students enjoy using the Smart Board each day and it's interactive nature makes it fun and user-friendly for students of all ages and ranges of academic levels."

Thanks Mrs. Morse! 

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