Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Presentations without PowerPoint

Oldie, but goodie, re-posting from last year and using again today in Mrs. Brook's class.

Sick of PowerPoint? Want to try something new and online? Here are some other tools that can be engaging and interactive for projects, lessons, presentations and more!

These are presentations to use as an example for a Budgeting Math Project. Students were challenged with doing research to see how much it cost to live on a budget. Mrs. Brook's webquest and rubric can be found here. She provided me with some research from a previous student so the numbers might be a bit low.

LOVE this if you are doing infographic style presentations or need to do some quick and easy charts!
Very easy to use!

Powered by emaze

Love this as a stand alone to make graphics or to use with other tools as seen below. Graphs were done in PowerPoint and saved as images.

Canva + ThingLink
I took the Canva image and put it into ThingLink. ThingLink allows you to link anything!
I didn't want a lot of text in my image so the text hotspots ThingLink offers are great for this interactive poster. Now that I discovered ThingLink I almost don't miss Glogster (went subscription) as much.

Canva + Prezi
Again, I took the Canva image and imported into Prezi and added in the rest of the text.
You could also do something similar to this in Prezi without a base graphic.

Other things to try out!
I didn't have a chance to try all of these, they are for a later blog post. But I thought I'd share them with you just in case you were feeling ambitious. I have used GoAnimate and Pow-Toon before, but not recently. I definitely want to try out the GoAnimate Common Craft Videos, but there is a subscription. Maybe one day!
Piktochart & Infogr.am: Great for infographics or making a graphic to use in Prezi or Thinglink.

Haiku Deck
Sparkol VideoScribe

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