Friday, May 16, 2014

Gone Google!

5/30/14 Update:
I was featured as a guest blogger with this post on EdTechTeam's Blog. Check it out here:

Its been a month since we hosted the Assabet Valley Collaborative Google Apps for Education Certification Bootcamp at Hudson, HS. We had over 60 educators and a waiting list to attend this bootcamp. Our amazing trainers were +Kern Kelley and +Michael Wacker from EdTechTeam.

Two weeks later I attended the +Google in Education Summits by EdTechTeam  in Cambridge, MA at the Google Offices. What a great experience. Again, I ran into my new friends and learned so much from all of the trainers +Kern Kelley+Michael Wacker+Holly Clark+Chris Bell and more!

It was one of the most educationally enlightening and inspiring experience I have had as an adult. I instantly began applying all of my new knowledge into my coaching with teachers.

All of this googliness is in the attempt to be a better Educational Technology Coach to the districts I serve! It is so great to network with other educators.

After these four full days of fun. I started taking the 5 exams. I've been building google sites for two years pretty extensively, but I thought that exam was pretty challenging. Chrome was the easiest. The exams were very technical and required fast research skills. I was originally going to apply in August after I deployed GAFE at my Collaborative, but decided that I had enough PD to apply for the 5/16/14 deadline.

The most challenging was the screen cast. By attending the CT Bootcamp, I learned about different types of screen cast and chose one that is relevant to me and my life and the teachers I work with.

True Story: I was actually waiting for my daughter to get out of Girl Scouts while I finished the screen cast. I learned a few more things by truly NOT having an Internet connection and was able to work in my car. (last photo in video).

I tried to get rid of my blended Massachusetts/Maine accent, but couldn't so just figured I'd go with it.
I've created screen casts before, but I like this short style much better so I am going to incorporate this style more!

For my case study, I had the tremendous opportunity to work with educators across programs in the collaboration of lesson plans, so this part was quite natural.

I then created a Google Site with my own URL Since this is my first year in this position, I really wanted to link my work from my previous district to weave it all together.

I submitted the application yesterday after a few long late nights!

Rowing started this week on Lake Quinsigamond so my days were quite long. It feels good to have it finished.

Thanks so much to EdTechTeam for all of their mentoring!

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